Facial Rejuvenation

Advanced Constitutional Facial Rejuvenation 

A natural alternative to Botox. Constitutional Facial Acupuncture is a safe, painless and effective treatment for renewing the face as well as the whole body. Fine lines may be entirely erased, deeper lines reduced and bags around neck and eyes firmed.


Fine needles are placed at a variety of acupuncture points on the face, neck and around the eyes to stimulate the body’s natural energy. Since muscle groups are addressed as well as the acupuncture points, the face lifts itself through the muscles’ toning and tightening action. The needles also stimulate blood and circulation, which improves facial color.


Acupuncture has a penetrating and powerful effect adding energy to the entire system and increasing the circulation to the face and body.






  • Improves muscle tone and dermal contraction
  • Helps to eliminate fine lines of the face and has a diminishing effect on larger wrinkles
  • Helps to reduce bags and sagging tendencies
  • Helps to eliminate edema and puffiness – by improving metabolism
  • Decreases the tendency towards sagging jowels, tightens the neck, reduces double chins, and lifts drooping eyelids
  • Improves acne (caused by hormonal imbalances) and tightens the pores
  • Increases local blood and lymph circulation, improves facial colour
  • Reduces stress, helps menopause and PMS, and improves overall health and wellbeing
  • Helps depression, anxiety and aids self-esteem
  • Reduces symptoms of toothache, TMJ, Trigeminal Neuralgia, and Bell’s Palsy
  • Helps sinus congestion and headaches, benefits the eyes, ears, thyroid, and brain

Included in your treatment:

  • Overall Health Assessment (initial)
  • Addressing your concerns and expectations
  • A Facial a herbal poultice (calming or nutritive), clenser moisturiser and hydration mask.
  • Body and Facial acupuncture specified for your needs
  • Grounding and facial massage with tuning forks and essential oils.
  • Jade Rolling.
  • Cleansing, toning. masque and moisturising with Environ cosmoseutical products or organic products.

Contra- Indications:

  • Laser treatments/resurfacing must wait 21 days before treatment
  • Pregnancy
  • Problems with bleeding (hemophiliacs, Warfarin treatment)
  • Serious health conditions such as Cancer, AIDS, seizures, acute hepatitis, and coronary disease

The Facial Rejuvenation treatment is a holistic process that works from inside out. It is Optimal to start in your 20s or 30s with treatment as the skin still has a significant amount of collagen and elastin, and the cells are well hydrated. A course of treatment will be determined with your initial assessment.

Facial Soundscapes – harmonic renewal (a tuning fork facial)™

Is a specific sound-healing protocol using tuning forks on acupuncture points to correct imbalances throughout the body and improve facial tone. It is a method of toning and firming the skin using tuning forks in tandem. The face, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, reflects the body’s overall health and spiritual wellbeing.


Soundscapes offers an option to those who seek the benefits of facial acupuncture without the needles. It improves circulation of the blood and lymphatic system which accounts for its firming effect. Tuning forks is an extremely unique therapeutic treatment which relaxes the body, mind, and soul.


For full description please see visit: www.chiakra.com/soundscapes.htm

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