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"I have discovered that the stresses of life can show on your face! The stress of my life definitely showed on mine. My face look tired, my skin was blotchy and dull. After six sessions with Jo my skin had changed. It was even in tone and colour, I looked refreshed and noticed the differences in the lines on my face, becoming softer. I even had a change in definition of my profile with my neck being lifted and more defined." —  Dallas Aislabie

"Facial acupuncture is not just a non invasive face lift; this wonderful treatment encompasses your whole being from physical to psychological wellbeing. After a treament not only does my skin look better I also feel mentally and physically healthier." —  Trish Veneberg

"I have been coming to see Jo for at least a year for facial acupuncture. There has been a noticeable to change to skin tone and muscle tone, and my eyes look lifted. Deep lines on my forehead have also lessened. The treatment not only works on the face but on energy levels and mood. When I leave treatment I feel 'High' and can't wait for the next session." —  Helen 

"I have been amazed at the changes to not only facial lines, particularly crow's feet, but also the improvement in general facial skin tone once I started having facial acupuncture. It is a year since my last treatment and the results have been long lasting with litlle regression, which suprised me. My assumption being that regular 'tune-ups' would be needed. I appreciated the fact that this improvement was gained by non-surgical and non-chemicals means, so I felt that the long term repercussion would be positive. The whole process, although initially dauting, was simple, relatively painless and produced pleasing long terms." —  Viv Salisbury